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1. The name of this organization shall be: Metropolitan Underwriting Discussion Group, Inc. (Hereinafter: M.U.D. Group). The corporation shall be formed under the laws of the State of New York.

2. The educational purpose of the M.U.D. Group shall be as set forth in the accompanying Mission Statement which is made a part hereto.

3. Administration of the M.U.D. Group shall be by an Executive Committee of no less than six (6) persons nor more than twelve (12) persons elected from the membership at large. The chief executive offices shall be the Chairman/Chairperson. A vice Chairman/Vice Chairperson shall be selected to serve in the absence or incapacity of the Chairman/chairperson. The chief financial officer responsible for the funds of the M.U.D. Group shall be the Treasurer. The Secretary shall maintain such records as are required by law. 

4. The Annual Meeting of the M.U.D. Group shall take place in January of each year unless circumstances dictate another date which shall be chosen by vote of the Executive Committee and shall be announced to the membership at large in timely fashion. The members of the Executive Committee shall be the Directors of the corporation and shall choose the officers of the corporation from among their number. Directors and officers shall serve for terms of one year commencing with the January meeting of the M.U.D. Group and ending with the subsequent January meeting, or until their successors are elected. 

5. The M.U.D. Group shall have no employees or paid staff. No member shall receive any fee from the M.U.D. Group for services performed on behalf of the M.U.D. Group. All work shall be voluntary with consent and support of the member company. The M.U.D. Group is empowered to do any and all things lawfully permitted for any not-for-profit corporation, specifically, but not limited to, contracting with outside entities to provide such services and products as may be required to conduct its affairs.Any person or member who expends money for legitimate expensed related to the M.U.D. Group shall be entitled to reimbursement upon submission of receipts for the expense(s).

6. Speaker(s) affiliated with M.U.D. will pay full registration fees if attending (regardless of distance traveled)

7. Speakers (regardless of affiliation) who advise us they will present and leave will not be responsible for registration fees

8. Speaker(s) who do not normally attend M.U.D. may attend the full day session for which they are scheduled to speak, and our Registration fee will be waived. 

9. While speakers are not typically reimbursed, the M.U.D. Executive Board may elect to reimburse travel or compensate part or all of the registration on a case by case basis.

10. All M.U.D. Executive Board members are responsible for full registration fees 

11. Any person or member who expends money for legitimate expensed related to the M.U.D. Group shall be entitled to reimbursement upon submission of receipts for the expense(s). 

12. The Funds of the M.U.D. Group shall be kept in one, or more, bank accounts. The signature of either the Treasurer of the Chairman/Chairperson shall be required to draw against funds in the M.U.D. Group account(s). 

13. Commercial solicitation and promotion by members at meetings of the M.U.D. Group are prohibited. The only acknowledgement allowed is recognition of those members who have made special contributions for the benefit of the M.U.D. Group members at large. 

14. The Executive Committee is empowered to make such reasonable rules regarding the conduct of M.U.D. Group meetings as shall facilitate the orderly conduct of such meetings. 

15. These By-Laws may be amended by a majority vote of the Executive Committee provided written notice of the proposed amendment is given to the Directors at least fourteen (14) days prior to the date at which said amendment is to be considered for a vote.

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